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Here in Sutton Cross Physiotherapy Clinic we run several Pilates classes which are suitable for people who have a pre-existing injury or want to prevent an injury from occurring in the first place.  Did you know that if you have had a recent bout of back or neck pain, Pilates will benefit you by improving your ability to activate the deep core muscles of your lower back and neck?  These exercises focus on targeting the deep stabilising muscles of the abdomen and spine which are often weak in people with lower back and neck pain.  The deep stabilisers in the trunk region are made up by your transversus abdominus muscle at the front and multifidus at the back. Your pelvic floor and diaphragm are also involved. These muscles should work at a low intensity for long periods of time.  A painful episode of back or neck pain can interfere with the functioning of these muscles.

The deep stabilisers:

The Pilates exercises are progressed by involving both the deep stabilisers and the more superficial muscles or “global muscles”.  Global muscles are very important for movement of the limbs and trunk. Their job is to move the body. They generate a lot of force, move the body then relax.  Pilates exercises also target the buttock and shoulder girdle muscles which help to improve pelvic and shoulder stability.  Often people with back, hip, neck and shoulder pain have weakness in these muscles.

Finally, we include mobility and flexibility exercises during our classes which help to improve spinal mobility and muscle length.

We have morning and evening classes both in the clinic and on Zoom.

Germaine Mallin MISCP

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