Feet & Orthotics

“If your feet are sore, it shows on your face”. 

Foot pain can seriously affect your quality of life and for that reason it is a specialist area of physiotherapy.  We at Sutton Cross Physiotherapy work closely with orthopaedic foot specialists and G.P.s and get many referrals for those with long-standing foot conditions.  Whether your feet have only just started to hurt or it has been a problem for years, make an appointment to see Germaine Mallin or Linda FitzGerald.

We will do a full assessment of your:

  • foot type
  • gait (walking)
  • muscle strength and flexibility

Treatment usually consists of strengthening and stretching programmes, gait retraining, advice regarding footwear and sometimes shockwave therapy or orthotics.

We will always try to keep you active and exercising throughout your treatment programme, though you may need to make some modifications.

How can we help you?

We have specialist physiotherapists to deal with all these issues and more