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Sport Injuries

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How can we help you?

Knee Pain

Painful Knee

Is that painful knee stopping you from training?
Back pain

Back Pain

Is your back giving you trouble?


Does coughing make you leak?
Feet Treatments

Sore Feet

Do you hobble in the morning?
Golf Injury

Golf Injury

Is that elbow pain affecting your golf?
shoulder pain

Sore Shoulder

Does your shoulder hurt when you reach out?


Are you worried about osteoporosis?


Is vertigo affecting your quality of life?
Get Stronger

Get Stronger

Or do you just want to get stronger?

At Sutton Cross Physiotherapy we have specialist physiotherapists to deal with all these issues and more.  With years of experience, treating thousands of patients like you, we have the expertise to help you get back to doing what you would like to do.  Whether that is returning to work, getting back to your sport or just being able to enjoy life a bit more, now and in the future.

Meet The Team


M.Sc. Physiotherapy M.I.S.C.P.

Mariola has a masters degree in physiotherapy and has worked in private practice and as a lecturer in physiotherapy.  Her main interests are the treatment of spinal and joint issues, women’s health (all pelvic floor, bowel, bladder and pre- and post-natal issues).  She has a special interest in the treatment of jaw pain (T.M.J.).  She is a qualified A.P.P.I. Pilates instructor…


B.Sc. (Physio) M.I.S.C.P.

Lesley graduated from University of Ulster, Jordanstown with an honours degree and has worked mainly in private practice treating sports injuries, spinal and joint issues, vertigo (vestibular rehabilitation) and she is our breast cancer rehabilitation physiotherapist having special training as a Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer physiotherapist…


B.Sc. (Physio), M.I.S.C.P. M.C.S.P. PG Cert (Women’s Health)

Linda qualified from Trinity College, Dublin and has gained extensive experience in major teaching hospitals in Dublin and in Australia.  Linda opened Ashbourne Physiotherapy Clinic in 1992 and Sutton Cross Physiotherapy in 2012. She has a special interest in continence (male and female/bowel and bladder)…


M.Sc. Physiotherapy M.I.S.C.P.

Germaine graduated from University College Dublin and initially worked in hospitals in Ireland and the U.K.  She has over 20 years experience in treating musculoskeletal and sports injuries.

IN 2009 she completed an M.Sc. in musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in U.C.D…


B.Sc (Physio) M.I.S.C.P.

James graduated from Royal College of Surgeons and has worked in a large teaching hospital. He specializes in vestibular rehabilitation along with musculoskeletal conditions (spinal conditions, sports injuries and joint conditions) and running injuries. Prior to his physiotherapy degree, he was a P.E. teacher and enjoys combining exercise with manual therapy in his treatment plans.

His main interest is middle-distance running.

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Latest News

  • Women's Pelvic Health
    Overactive Pelvic Floor
    A hypertonic pelvic floor occurs when the muscles in the pelvic floor become too tense and unable to relax.  may people with a tense and non-releasing pelvic floor experience pelvic health issues such as constipation, painful sex, urgency and pelvic pain.  A hypertonic pelvic floor […]


  • AH Malahide
    I have been doing my Pilates classes with Lesley via Zoom platform. Delighted with this service as it enables me to do the class during these times. It gives me something to look forward to and I feel great afterwards.
    AH Malahide
  • NS Baldoyle
    I attended physio and Pilates in Sutton Cross Physiotherapy Clinic and currently do their virtual Pilates classes. I love their classes as they cater for all levels, vary the exercises and I have confidence that the instructors know their stuff. I also find everyone there lovely to deal with and would highly recommend both physio and Pilates here.
    NS Baldoyle
  • BM Ashbourne
    Had an hour with Lesley for vertigo.  She is amazing.at what she does.  Felt so well after.  Can't thank her enough.  Highly recommend her.
    BM Ashbourne
  • VW Palmerstown
    The class was very enjoyable. She was very clear and giving the various levels of difficulty is good. The hour flew by!
    VW Palmerstown
  • CP Ashbourne
    Mariola is simply brilliant.... I had damaged some muscles as a result of a fall down a flight of stairs and she is making a massive difference to me.  Thank you so much for all your expertise and kindness x
    CP Ashbourne
  • MM Glasnevin
    It’s great for a cocooner like myself to be able to continue to stay strong with my virtual Pilates, Healthy Bones and Stronger for Longer classes zoomed daily into my home and all at a very reasonable and affordable price with times that suit me. The process is so simple and works perfectly on my laptop. I was delighted to have a virtual consultation with chartered physiotherapist, Linda due to a particular ailment and it wonderful and reassuring to be able to discuss the issue and formulate an action plan.
    MM Glasnevin
  • OC Swords
    I have been attending Pilates in the clinic for a number of years now. When the classes moved online, I decided to give them a try. I’m so glad that I did. The classes are every bit as good as in the studio. I have increased from one class per week to three most weeks and the cost of the additional classes are so reasonable.
    OC Swords
  • GS Sutton
    Linda FitzGerald has helped me get back to normal after three injuries.  In each case, she has taken an holistic view, and in so doing, discovered the underlying cause.  Her strong expertise, together with a calm and effective manner, have helped me back to normal in each case.  Linda goes above and beyond what you would expect from your usual practitioner and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
    GS Sutton