Many men experience urinary incontinence following prostate surgery

(TURP or post-prostatectomy)

While the symptoms may be short-lasting in some men, others will need physiotherapy to help them become dry again.  Urinary incontinence can hugely affect your quality of life but we have the experience to help you overcome your symptoms.  Pelvic floor strengthening exercises are a proven way of treating incontinence and we can also advise you on issues such as weaning off pads, using clamps, improving your physical condition and also erectile dysfunction.  Where possible, we will use non-invasive methods of assessing the muscle such as real-time ultrasound or external palpation.

This can be an issue following prostatectomy and we are able to give advice on how to overcome this from pelvic exercises,  what medications to use (via GP referral) and use of a pump.

We also see men pre-surgery to help train the muscles so that you can start your exercise programme sooner post-surgery.

How can we help you?

We have specialist physiotherapists to deal with all these issues and more