Ante-Natal Physiotherapy

Will help support and strengthen your body during pregnancy and prepare it for the demands of motherhood.  We offer an initial assessment in the clinic to assess your muscle strength and posture so that we can start you on a tailored exercise programme. 

It will focus on prevention/treatment of pelvic and lower back pain, sacdro-iliac pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction (S.P.D.) pelvic floor strengthening, stretching and correct breathing techniques.  If you have any discomfort or concerns, we suggest that you talk to your GP first.  You can also join a beginner Pilates class which are suitable to attend from 14 weeks to labour day!

Please contact us if you wish to book an ante-natal physiotherapy.

Post-Natal Physiotherapy

Will help restore your tummy muscles, strengthen the pelvic floor muscles after the birth and help deal with any aches or pains you may have.  This will usually start after your six week check-up (whether you had a vaginal delivery or a caesarean section), although if you have pain issues, please contact us before that.

Linda can check your pelvic floor strength and that your technique is correct.  She will also check your tummy muscles for a diastasis recti. 

You can also join one of our Pilates classes.

How can we help you?

We have specialist physiotherapists to deal with all these issues and more