There are many causes of pelvic pain. 

Pelvic girdle pain usually refers to pain in the pelvic area during pregnancy.  Dyspareunia is pain during or after intercourse. Vulvodynia is pain in the external genitalia,  Vaginismus is a condition caused by spasm of the pelvic floor muscles.

Pelvic pain can be caused by a host of reasons including overactive pelvic floor muscles, prolapse, pregnancy, mesh surgery, endometriosis, haemorrhoids, fissures, scarring and pudendal nerve damage.  It is important that you are assessed properly to ascertain the cause of the problem and often there are multiple causes.  

Treatment will usually consist of re-training the pelvic floor muscles (sometimes strengthening them, sometimes trying to get them to relax), soft tissue techniques  and advice.  Depending on what is causing your pain, treatment may include abdominal massage or strengthening, defaecation techniques, scar mobilisations, biofeedback, muscle stimulation etc.

This is a very common problem but there is help available.  Please do make an appointment to see Linda.

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