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March 5, 2023
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December 9, 2023

Physiotherapy can be helpful for cracked nipples, blocked ducts, mastitis and engorgement, where the pain and discomfort are interfering with breastfeeding.

Blocked ducts and mastitis can be painful and frustrating but ultrasound therapy will help for both pain relief and milk flow.  The ultrasound treatment usually takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.  It is pain free and does not hinder the feeding routine.

Cracked nipples can be challenging for the breastfeeding mother and occurs when the skin has become dry, irritated or damaged due to an improper latch, friction or other factors.  Laser therapy helps accelerate the healing process and therefore reduces the pain.  It is a quick and pain free treatment.  In general, improvement is evident after the first treatment but usually 2-3 sessions are required for a complete resolution (depending on the severity).  You can book online but if there is no suitable appointment available, please call us on 018352043.

We would suggest that you also see a lactation consultant.

If you have an issue with breastfeeding, make an appointment to see Karuna or Linda.


Author: Linda FitzGerald