Physiotherapy can be of great importance at this challenging time. After surgery and radiotherapy for breast cancer, there can be a lot of pain and tightness around the surgical wound, you may have difficulty with the range of movement in your shoulder and mid back. Even taking a deep breath may be challenging.

Lesley is our Pink Ribbon trained physiotherapist to deal specifically with breast cancer care. Physiotherapy is often necessary to fully recover from these procedures. She works with gentle soft tissues and myofascial release techniques, exercise and valuable advice to help you make a full recovery.

Physiotherapy can improve your shoulder movement and function, reduce post-operative tenderness and hypersensitive around the scar, prevent swelling in the arm/ hand (lymphoedema), relieve rib, chest or upper back pain and stiffness, guide you in regaining your strength and full function. Lesley can also help to advise and educate you on how to manage your symptoms.